Understand your motivations and influence who you are to accomplish your life purpose.

TRUMOTIVATE is the first ever assessment that reveals WHY you do what you do so that can unlock your true life purpose and divine assignment.

You need to know who you are.

While the world is changing and pivoting, in every way possible, now is the time for DiverseChurchJobs.com and TrueMotivate to help you discover your core motivations, passions, and unique purpose and divine assignment. This will enable you to be the best of who you are and bring alignment with your chosen career path and career options.

 Knowing your motivations and strengths and understanding your story is a game-changer for your life and career. You can take the necessary steps today to move in that direction of greater understanding.

Great leadership begins with self-awareness.

Whether you lead at work, at church or are on a path to become a leader, a key to success is knowing yourself. TRUMOTIVATE provides deep insights into how you are created and what drives you. When you know what motivates you, you can pursue your purpose and mission in ways that are consistent with how you were created. Take our online scientific assessment to understand what’s beneath your personality style, strengths and how uncovering your motivations can benefit your relationships.

How We Do It

Take the Online Assessment

•  Secure and easy, just takes about 20 minutes
•  Share experiences from your own story and get deep insights
•  Available anywhere on any device

Receive an Instant Report
• Get a detailed personal report with your top motivations
• See what drives your decisions, behaviors & attitudes
• Understand how to align what you do with who you are

Achieve Better Outcomes
•  Accomplish your goals more effectively and efficiently
•  Explore job roles that are meaningful and fulfilling
•  Strengthen your relationships and increase team productivity