Welcome to our Career Coaching Page!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

So glad to have you here! Below you will find information that I believe will assist you in helping to develop you as an individual who has a career that you feel meets your passion, purpose, and perspective.

These services are meant to assist you in THRIVING in your career and being INSPIRED in reaching your career goals.

The testimonies and impact of those who have already been serviced is verified and documented. Life’s Divine Assignments have been discovered (not decided), Portfolios – including resumes and cover letters – have been recognized in a way that leaves readers spell-bound, and most importantly, careers have blossomed, been redirected with an incredible new trajectory, and joy and fulfilment have been realized. That’s the goal!

“If you are successful, it is because somewhere, sometime,
someone gave you an idea that started you in the right direction.“


Our primary responsibilities – as your Career Coach – include:

  • Help individuals feel clear and confident in their life purpose and divine assignment.
  • Assist you in discovering, clarifying, and aligning with what you want to achieve in your career.
  • Support you in creating a written plan of action that will assist you in thriving in your day-to-day career and career pursuits.

Here are the services that we offer:

  • Skills / Strengths / Interests Inventory
  • Career Discovery & clarification
  • Career path planning & strategy
  • Goal Setting, Motivation & Accountability
  • Resume / Cover Letter / LinkedIn Review & Strategy
  • Social Media Audit & Plan For Adjustment
  • Job Interview Preparation, including Mock Interviews
  • Professional Branding & Messaging (including a professional narrative / identity)
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Career Transitions & Leveraging Unique Gift Mix