Yes, there are some credible ministry search firms out there.

We’ve experienced their work first hand. Much of their work is focused on populations that are not specific to candidates of color. Candidates of color then spend hours and hours wading through job postings that desire candidates who are white or ministry organizations that are not focused on diversity.

Yes, there are some credible denominational platforms that empower individuals within their denominations.

But what happens if there are individuals who want to possibly look outside of their denomination? What happens if there are possible candidates for the position outside of the denomination who could serve the denomination well?
It’s a missed opportunity.

Individuals could spend time searching on non-ministry focused career websites and platforms, but that is time consuming, frustrating and like trying to find a needle in a haystack. And it doesn’t help churches either. Churches end up getting hundreds of non-aligned emails and resumes.

Another missed opportunity!

This is the SOLUTION that we will provide!


That’s the job growth rate for ministry.* And wages are increasing every year!

What does this mean? There will be MORE and MORE ministry jobs in the next few years than ever before. We want to help ensure that the right people get to the right place.

At the same time, our world is becoming more diverse!

More and more diverse ministry candidates are looking for sound opportunities to connect with ministries that have a heart for the work that they are doing.

These realities have compelled us to want to serve as a bridge between great people and great places.

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